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We are a group of people with the only goal of making sure you get a great product under a great price... and with free shipping* !

Welcome to PerlaMia.com, your right source for Technology, Women’s and Men’s fashion, Home & Kitchen, Sports, Pets, Automobile, Kid’s products and much more ! We are dedicated on giving you the best shopping experience you deserve.

Why following the big ones ?… yes, we know there is Amazon or Ebay or many others where you can find thousands of products more than what we can offer….But we are small company that love what we do and we make sure that everything we do we put our clients as the most important thing in our business.

Browse our products, ask questions, when ready buy them ! .. and enjoy ! that is why we are here and why we do this…. is all about you.

We serve customers all over world such as US, Europe and Latino America. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate on contacting us.

Thank you ! for just been part of our journey and family.


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Discover PerlaMia’s Journey​

January 2019
perlamia.com domain name purchased.
May 2019
Online e-commerce system building begins.
December 2019
e-commerce product providers first approach begins.
April 2020
COVID-19 pandemic hits us.
September 2020
Back to business preparing and getting ready for launching !!!
February 2021
We are ready !! new customers !! new products !! so excited !!

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