High Waist Student Plaid Mini Skirt

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High waist student plaid mini skirt, beautiful colors to choose from, wearing this comfortable skirt. Plaid skirts for women high waist can hide stomach and stay in place, not roll down at all. Provides a comfortable natural fit with plenty of coverage while bending and stretching.

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High waist student plaid mini skirt, beautiful colors to choose from, use it this summer, use it in the mall , use it any time… wearing this comfortable skirt. Plaid skirts for women high waist can hide stomach and stay in place, not roll down at all. Provides a comfortable natural fit with plenty of coverage while bending and stretching.



High Waist Student Plaid Mini Skirt

High Waist Student Plaid Mini Skirt

High Waist Student Plaid Mini Skirt

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78 Reviews For This Product

  1. 78


    its perfect ^__^ came in exactly 2weeks. i checked the measurements beforehand and it fits like a glove. my only concern was that its really short haha. overall, i like it !!

  2. 78


    It’s very cute I ordered a size s and it’s very cute and comfortable would totally recommend!!!

  3. 78


    Avec un coup de repassage elle sera parfaite! Par contre pas du tout extensible et les tailles indiquées sont un peu sous estimées mais belle qualité! Merci ++

  4. 78


    It’s so cute!! Super comfy and perfectly sized. Strong material too.

  5. 78


    I bought a small, I almost couldn’t fit it but it is perfect when it is on, just a tight squeeze over the hips. I’m 5’3 and weigh about 105 lbs. the color of 05 skirt is more dark gray than pictured. the image made me think it would be blue or navy, but it is dark gray instead. still, even with the high price I am satisfied because the quality is good. be careful with the zipper, though. it feels like it can pop off if you try to zip up the skirt too quickly.

  6. 78


    Super cute skirt, it smelled a little weird but it was such a good product and I love it. It’s really small though, but that’s a me problem I ordered it too small. Look at the measurements in the description and not what you’d usually wear. I got this a few days after Christmas, it arrived in maybe 3 weeks.

  7. 78


    This skirt was so cute! I sized to a M and it fit perfect and my usual waist size is a 26!

  8. 78


    the color was slightly darker in person than in the picture but not to different to notice. good material, came in with nice shorts. the shorts are a bit see through but not noticeable, the zipper is nice and easy to use. i didn’t have to contact the seller, ordered the 8th of jan and got it the 23rd of jan.

  9. 78


    bought on 16th January and it arrived 26th January,, super fast and earlier than the estimated time
    on height 5″5 (165cm), waist 27″ and hips 34″ (size 8-10 uk), i took M. initially was a little tight getting over the hips but once zipped it fit perfectly around both waist and hips. is perhaps a little short, but the shorts make me feel more comfortable, though they are a little see through. material super nice, good quality though a little thin and there are some strange folds around the top, perhaps because of the shorts? maybe wouldve been best to get size up to an L but i think both would have fit,, M is just a tad short
    didnt communicate with seller, would definitely recommend!

  10. 78


    it doesn’t fit to the waist but it’s cute !

  11. 78


    Good quality for the price.

  12. 78


    the XS size is actually really small. but other than that its super cute and very accurate to what the picture shows.

  13. 78


    I wanted to inform you that the skirt is amazing. The material and texture it presents is of very good quality. The color and finish of the skirt is very accurate to that of the photograph. I also wanted to tell you that shipping of the product was quite fast on arrival in chile. I appreciate the gift you sent (cole). After all, I love the skirt design, I am satisfied with the order.

  14. 78


    The skirt is super cute I got a size xl I’m 145 pounds and 5’0

  15. 78


    its really nice and looks just like the picture

  16. 78


    Came earlier than expected, nice quality material 🙂

  17. 78


    is good looks like picture. is pretty small but that’s my fault for ordering the wrong size. it’s not stretchy material so if you really want it to fit maybe order a size up

  18. 78


    For the price, these skirts are definitely well made. I was afraid the shorts underneath would be really small and uncomfortable but they fit like a glove!! The white shorts are a bit see through but otherwise everything is amazing!! I got 3XL and I’m 5’9” and the length is perfect too!! It just fits so well and the quality is amazing so I’m really happy :)) will definitely be buying more colours!!

  19. 78


    such a cute skirt! I love it!

  20. 78


    The skirt is better quality than what i imagined. The shorts are elastic and stretches surprisingly well, the shorts looked like boy short underwear when worn. It’s a little tight around the waist but that’s on me (i shouldve bought a large) but overall the product is rlly good!

  21. 78


    Second time buying, really cute fits perfect!

  22. 78


    Thick material and accurate measurements!!! Highly recommended because it’s really hard to buy my size! I am a petite size girl and I would need to wear 00 for my bottoms and Xs/xxs for my tops! This is perfect!!!

  23. 78


    The skirt is chic, the quality is good, the shorts are almost not translucent.
    Everything came quickly, but the order was tracked badly, I was written that the order was only confirmed, and he was already lying in my mail

  24. 78


    Love it

  25. 78


    The product arrived pretty fast.
    I have a 57-58 waist and the XS fits perfectly!! i love it! just as pictures.
    Thank you seller totally recommended!! im in love!

  26. 78


    es muy linda pero recomiendo pedirla una talla más ya que es muy pequeña

  27. 78


    this is my second skirt from this seller, i highly recommend. they have the best quality and the perfect length, and then it comes with shorts attached. you can’t beat that! it’s so cute. they sent it super quick and then it even came with a free wristband thingy. i absolutely love it and i’m definitely gonna buy more. i highly recommend, you won’t regret it !

  28. 78


    The S is perfect for a 34. Maybe I would have gotten in the XS too but as they said I carved too small I didn’t want to risk it. It came in fast.

  29. 78


    i love this skirt sm (: it makes me feel good abt myself yesyes

  30. 78


    It looks just like the picture but I wish I would’ve bought a large, it fits as you can see but I would be more flexible in a large. I love it very much , this is a skort I’m not sure if everyone knows what that means but it means there are little shorts connected on the skirt so I really love that. I usually wear a size 8-9 in pants I’m 5’0 and weigh 128 so I hope that helps

  31. 78


    Wow these are so adorable! My only thing is how short they are. I’m 5’1, so anyone taller may or may not have a problem with this skirt. However, these have shorts underneath so that’s a huge plus! So basically, no worries of accidentally flashing anyone haha. It also came with a cute hair tie!

  32. 78


    Very cute but it looks so long on me 🙁

  33. 78


    A good skirt, the fabric is most likely a mixture of synthetics and cotton, and shorts made of pure synthetics.
    The color is more peach than in the photo, I expected a pink skirt with brownish stripes, and it turned out to be Peach
    I had to sew a little, as at the waist of 60 cm was great (I do not remember iswinite rashmer, look in the comments, there it is written on on on
    Lock Zipper good, does not diverge

  34. 78


    i love this sm omgg. i did not have any contact with the seller!! i got this in size M and it fits me perfectly!! i love this it’s so gorgeous! 🙂 if u think of buying it pls do u will love it 🙂<3

  35. 78


    shipping to estonia was 40 days and the product made it in perfect condition. i’m extremely happy with what i got because the size, length and quality is perfect and aside from the few loose threads (easy to cut off) and the button hole which was sewn shut (again, easy to cut open) then this is an amazing skirt and worth the price and waiting. myself i am around 50 kg and 162 cm and the skirt wasn’t too short or tight at all! safety shorts are pretty much transparent though so black underwear is a no no. thank you dear seller!

  36. 78


    it was really tight around the waist, the zipper wouldn’t close, I got a Large, for tall girls and that are thick around the waist I think you should get a XL it’ll fit much better . other than that the skirt was really cute , just sad that it didn’t fit 🙁

  37. 78


    A good skirt, short, but the presence of shorts compensates. The quality of tailoring is certainly not very good. Threads from everywhere stick out, there is a small hole on the fabric, sewn. But I cut everything and resewed it. Thank you to the seller for fast delivery and gift!

  38. 78


    nice skirt! the material is more smooth and not super textured like a tweed skirt. it is very soft and has cute little shorties on the inside. the colors and pattern are just as the sellers photos. and they sent a cute little hair band with it !!!

  39. 78


    I ordered S and I got a little small one M would have shut me down, but I loved it, the material is good and economical I’ll order another one in size M. My waist is 75 and my hip is 88.

  40. 78


    Excellent and quality thing! *** Perfect and high quality thing!

  41. 78


    Very good! Exelente, this is the 2n time I buy from this seller. Fast delivery, good quality, and correct measurements. My waist is 68cm and a perfect M. Very nice!

  42. 78


    ordered a small came in perfectly!

  43. 78


    Chic skirt! First, it came extremely quickly-only 5 days since the order. Secondly, the quality of the product is very good-dense, pleasant fabric, neat seams and quality zipper. One thing but-it’s really very short… Ass covers with difficulty and translucent shorts sewn inside, not very help .. I think to wear with an elongated shirt-to cover the short skirt behind. I was satisfied with the purchase, thanks to the seller for the quality goods and prompt shipment!

  44. 78


    The skirt fits really well, except for around my waist where it’s a little big. Aside from this, it’s gorgeous! There’s shorts underneath which are great and it’s super comfortable!

  45. 78


    It’s made from a really go material and arrived early than expected! Has sewn in shorts and are really comfy! The zipper feels of good quality and will definitely wear this all of the time.

  46. 78


    Love them just a little small <3

  47. 78


    Fit me perfectly, not to big or small definitely recommend I love it sm!!

  48. 78


    super cute. it’s a tight fit & usually i’m size 1 in skinny jeans & 2 in baggy jeans. so if ur my size i recommend a medium because i’ll grow out of this soon

  49. 78


    love this skirt the quality is amazing and it also comes with built in shorts.

  50. 78


    I love it.

  51. 78


    Skirt was too small on me so I’m giving it to my friend, the quality of the skirt is very good and the texture feels nice, the skirt looks just like the picture.

  52. 78


    so cute and got here earlier !! i’m 5’0 110lbs and a Small Fit Perfectly

  53. 78


    this is my fourth skirt purchased, they’re amazing! over time the color fades a little bit especially on lighter color skirts but these are pretty good! the blue one I just received today and the other ones are a few months old. zipper tends to get stuck sometimes however lol

  54. 78


    I bought pink too but I didn’t try on might add review later. I give it 10/10 would recommend howeverrrrr some ppl may not be as comfy as me. I’m 5’7 136lb I’m mostly leg barely any torso lmao. I thought people were over reacting because it was 50/50 saying it looks fine or it’s on the short side. I will say it is a bit on the short side I added a pick of the shorts vs the skirt length and there’s not that much of a difference. If you have any sort of hips or butt this might not fit. I don’t have that much hip but I do have a tiny bit of butt and I feel like it’s pretty short and I specialize in short skirts and dresses >~< but I absolutely love the look of it and I knew it was 50/50 I thought it was going to be way worse. I would still recommend just size up if you might be uncomfy with the shortness. Will buy again :P

  55. 78



  56. 78


    Very fast shipping, arrived in 7 days
    The fabric looks tough and barely has shine, it is light, perfect for summer
    Very practical that you bring some shorts under, so you avoid having to pull the skirt down all the time
    The only bad thing that came with enough loose threads, but the seams seem to be fine
    They sent a gift ponytail
    I will surely buy in other colors later, I recommend

  57. 78


    It’s very pretty and the color too, from behind it looks something weird at the waist, also has short this corduroy and arrived very fast

  58. 78


    The fabric is amazing and the skirt came supper neat! The sizing is true, I’m usually a size small so that’s what I order and it’s a great fit. It’s short for my mom’s liking but I recommend.

  59. 78


    I Got this skirt Yesterday and it was 2 days late, which isn’t that bad. I love it so much, it’s a Lil tight But that doesnt matter. It sits great on me and i look so cute in it. I didn’t really communicate with seller, But everything is perfect. And i Got a little hair tie which ill just give to my sister since my hair is short(Btw I’m a guy so if you simped I’m sorry HAJQJQ)

  60. 78


    Delivery two weeks. Highly recommend! On the hips I have a size M, and at the waist as s and that the skirt to the waist fit, I ordered s. And shorts are otpad! Very convenient!

  61. 78


    Shipping in the day, took a week and a half to arrive in Spain. The seams are bulging, surely I should have ordered one size more, planchandolo I think it has solution.

  62. 78


    I’ve ordered this before it hasn’t disappointed me. Fast shipping and looks exactly like the picture. fabric is comfortable and doesn’t have a scent. My favorite skirts, Thank you!

  63. 78


    The skirt’s quality is soo good, I am really impressed, especially given the price it’s listed for. There were a few loose threads but I just cut them off. The fabric didn’t have any smell and was nice, it didn’t look cheap. The shorts fit nicely, they weren’t tight. Unfortunately, there was a small stain on the skirt from what seemed to be a finger. The skirt also came with a little hair elastic as a gift ehivh is nice. I’m 160cm and 50kg and size M fits me almost perfectly, it’s slightly tight
    Love this skirt!! I can’t wait to wear it

    I recommend this skirt and thanks to the seller!

  64. 78


    The order came very quickly, the quality is chic, the size approached

  65. 78


    The skirt came in 2 weeks and it’s cool! Very good quality, sewn perfectly, threads do not stick out anywhere! Lightning works well. Shorts synthetics, but I think it will not be hot in them. The skirt itself is made of dense fabric of good quality. The daughter is very happy with the purchase! Thank you for the gift in the form of hair rubber, a nice bonus!

  66. 78


    Everything is fine, the skirt of the village is just fine, my height is 152, weight 45, took S, the zipper can eventually break if it’s not neat, but it’s empty, has Arrived days for 12, take will not regret!

  67. 78


    Looks exactly like the photo! i love it and i can’t wait to use it! i think it took a week and a half to arrive not sure!

  68. 78


    Everything is well packed, the seller put a rubber band as a gift. Sewn neatly, a pair of strings only stuck out, shorts are also excellent. The skirt sat well, took the usual m-ku, all tyutelka-v-tyutelku. Size Mini, but because of shorts do not worry at all, very convenient. I did not communicate with the seller. The goods for such a price is just a gun

  69. 78


    it zips pretty well HOWEVER the size i got makes the skirt really short. i’m 5’1 with a little tummy, i’m usually a small but i ordered a medium, maybe i should’ve gone with large. ITS NOT STRETCHY. it came nicely tho :))

  70. 78


    Спідниця дійсно чудова. Vona yakysna, Suvi ріvnaya, thread not to wash, and colir reviews to that, with on the picture. I took rosemir C, for me, the three are short. I will lock up the chornu, ale rosemir m. Delivery shvidka, definitely recommend!

  71. 78


    Very cool skirt! I really like it, I will order more. The seller put as a gift a beautiful rubber band. Many thanks for the fast delivery, only 2 weeks

  72. 78


    i love it so much! it runs a bit small, i’m usually a medium, i should’ve gotten a large because it’s a bit short in the back but overall great skirt.

  73. 78


    Cool skirt) the fabric does not crumple quickly, it is easy to smooth. On the usual s took M, I came up)

  74. 78


    Just otpad!! That’s exactly what I ‘ve been dreaming about for so long.
    The skirt is well sewn, the lock is whole, the fabric is good, it shines a little, but there are shorts
    On the hips dressed tightly, at the waist part of the belt is slightly free
    Waist 67, hip 80

  75. 78


    beware of sizes!! this is a very prettt white

  76. 78


    Height 155, parameters 60-88. You need to remove a couple of cm in the hips, it will be better. Because it’s tight. The skirt is cool, with tights and a closed top will be good!

  77. 78


    The skirt is cool, the height of 159 cm was taken size S, came up perfectly, the quality is excellent, I recommend✨

  78. 78


    It’s a little short but I still love it, good quality and it’s the exact same as the picture

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High Waist Student Stitching Plaid Summer Skirt 1

High Waist Student Plaid Mini Skirt

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