Professional Triple Barrel Iron Ceramic Hair Curling

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Professional triple barrel iron ceramic hair curling is a beauty household tool with convenient holder and 3 curler perm rolls, which can make hair with gorgeous waves simply. Maximum versatility with your curl and waffle style, such as curls, waves, corkscrew curls and ringlets.

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Professional triple barrel iron ceramic hair curling is a beauty household tool with convenient holder and 3 curler perm rolls, which can make hair with gorgeous waves simply, perfect to help you effectively shave a quick curled hair styling. Maximum versatility with your curl and waffle style, such as curls, waves, corkscrew curls and ringlets.


  • Unique 3 tubes design.
  • High-quality heater with curls function provides unmatched heat distribution.Temperature control technology.
  • With one switch and 2 modes ( 170 Deg.C and 220 Deg.C ) adjustable temperature, safer to use.
  • PTC heating body.
  • Release large amounts of negative ions and repair the damaged hair automatically, which can make your hair more healthy, natural and hair shape more lasting.
  • Fast heating equipment.
  • Immediately heating up for the most suitable feeling within 30 seconds.


Before use the hair needs to be completely dry and combed thoroughly and divided into strands with a comb. After plugging into the power, push the switch into the gear you need, heat for about 1 minute. Take a strand about 2-inch wide between forefinger and middle finger, press the curler together over the strand of hair for a few seconds.

Slowly move away from the roots to the ends, do exactly the same with the next strand of hairs. You may need to separate strands in thick hair with hair clips.

Be kept out the reach of children as they are possible sources of danger. Pay special attention to the external parts of iron plates, they are very hot and may cause burning. Avoid touching the skin on the neck or face.


  • Thermal conductivity material: Tourmaline Ceramic
  • Voltage: 110-220V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Power: 45W
  • Applicable hair: Dry
  • Heating element: PTC heating element
  • Temperature control: Adjustable 170°C, 220°C
  • Color: Gold
  • Weight: 402g
  • Cable length: 1.7m
  • Size: Approx. 33.5×8.2cm(Length*Width)

Professional triple barrel iron ceramic hair curling

Professional triple barrel iron ceramic hair curling

Professional triple barrel iron ceramic hair curling

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96 Reviews For This Product

  1. 96


    Delivery 11 days Super. The plait looks and works well

  2. 96


    Okay, heat up fast. Fast shipping great for the price. No communication needed

  3. 96


    It works very well and feels quality. It’s been very fast, it’s taken 7 days.

  4. 96


    Exact product to description, it heats very light and waves come out easily.

  5. 96


    I really loved it! He has arrived very quickly and in very good condition. I ‘ve tried it and it works fine, I love the way it leaves the hair, I totally recommend it. Thank you very much to the seller

  6. 96


    Tongs in appearance are very high quality, tried to turn on, heats up very quickly, did not try on the hair yet, but I’m sure the result will be cool.

  7. 96


    Good product, it seemed like it was very big when I saw it announced but now having it in hand is not very big and it’s pretty light and manageable and looks good quality

  8. 96


    The super nice product and very easy to use. I like the result better spent A little time but it looks very nice with this product ideal for day to day

  9. 96


    Super good quality, heats very well (2 types of degrees to choose). Fast shipping

  10. 96


    The order came quickly, well packed, heats up instantly, in the photo the first time I made a curl. He’s doing his job. Indeed, as the reviews say, from him in the apartment now it was worth it, as if “smokes”

  11. 96


    Cool plait, reached 13 days in the Sverdlovsk region! Heats up instantly. There are two modes, I do on the minimum, Ito hair burns, so it is rare to use it and with thermal protection! But the effect of the gun, the hair is beautiful, on the second day the volume is unrealistic and dirty less. I think if I did at maximum mode and with mousse for laying, there would be clearly structured curls

  12. 96


    It’s super good, I recommend it. It works perfectly, I just tried it for a couple of seconds and it already marks the waves, if you leave it 10 as recommended they must come out perfect, recommend 100%

  13. 96


    Arrived right and super fast. Iguei and’re working perfectly. Arrived super fast in 13 days, well ahead of schedule. Not wait to use.

  14. 96


    Delivery to Minsk Region 18 days. The seller sent the goods immediately. Packed well. Heats the curling iron perfectly. Two modes of 170 and 220 °c. The waves are beautiful, the tips just need a little bit more.
    Product and seller recommend.

  15. 96


    SUPER !!! Delivery arrived around 2 weeks, oh fast! It heats up quickly, it works well! Мне очень нравится!

  16. 96


    In Rostov on Don, the goods came quickly to the seller I recommend, heats strongly the effect of happy

  17. 96


    It came quickly 3 weeks. How to use, supplement the answer.

  18. 96


    Delivery fast, Plait whole, two temperature modes of 170 and 220 degrees. Everything works. Waves make lovely

  19. 96


    Perfect! Very good communication with the seller and very nice. I arrived in Spain in 3 days.

  20. 96


    faithful to the description, fast delivery in 3 days.

  21. 96


    Va perfecto! Toca probraralo

  22. 96


    Super it heats up quickly and does its job well! it has two temperatures and it gives a very beautiful result on the hair. it arrived very quickly and well packaged.

  23. 96


    It took exactly 15 days. It looks like in the pictures and description. It comes wrapped in package not to hit, but without a box. Instruction booklet in English. There’s no proof.

  24. 96


    The product is very nice and for the price it is just amazing, shipping to latvia 19 days. Heats up fast, 1-2 min. Very nice curls.

  25. 96


    Tongs got in a month. In principle, there are no complaints yet, you need to use it neatly, you need to adjust. Heats up quickly, when using hair a little smoke, do not overtake. I think we should use it together with thermal protection for hair. The waves came out cute, the volume is amazing. I think the image was successful.

  26. 96


    Fast and convenient. Another of the pluses of a soft wire-does not twist, and a wire stand to put somewhere while you capture the next strand. Of the minuses-there are no temperature modes, only the power button.

  27. 96


    Product looks exactly like on the picture. I teated and it’s working perfectly. Thank you seller

  28. 96


    im very impressed with the results , love it a lot

  29. 96


    bien perfecto igual que en la imagen y descripción, súper rápido sólo ha tardado 2dias en llegar!!!!
    bien embalado, ahora sólo falta probarlo!!!.
    Recomiendo % a éste vendedor!!!!

  30. 96


    I love the resultsssssss !!! LOVE IT !!! GREAT PRODUCT !

  31. 96


    Tongs came in about 3 weeks. Very cool!! two modes for 170gr. And 220 gr. It is heated very quickly and strongly, you need to use thermal protection, to buy I highly recommend! We have in the city in the store similar cost 6 thousand Rubles.

  32. 96


    Vraiment very well as fair to the bucket. Rien à dire je suis ravie. The bucket is very good. Fast delivery to France.

  33. 96


    Quickly and easily you can get this kind of styling, I advise!

  34. 96


    The goods came quickly, did not yet stay, corresponds to the description

  35. 96


    Perfect! It comes fast and its function makes it very good!

  36. 96


    It came quickly enough that pleases)) externally very cute and neat curling iron, heated in a couple of minutes, works fine!

  37. 96


    Works OK. Only my hair then are burned. I received product with such flaws as pictured. But seller oddał part money.

  38. 96


    I haven’t tried it yet, but to say the iron is very large

  39. 96


    Ordered on March 24, received on April 7. The order is satisfied, corresponds to the description, did not communicate with the seller. It did not come in a box, but it was packed so that everything works. 170 degree sample curl

  40. 96


    perfect and heats super fast be very careful not to burn you

  41. 96


    Great, I like it a lot, easy to use and leaves the hair very nice, it’s come to me very, very fast

  42. 96


    Pretty quick The irons with my hair don’t do much I don’t know if everyone gets it but it doesn’t make me pretty curls, I don’t know if it’s because they get

  43. 96


    It comes very well packed, the product has arrived perfectly and in 13 days to Spain. I tested it at 170 ° and it does its function correctly. Heat up fast.

  44. 96


    Product very well. Good results. It comes without a box, only in plastic. But well protected. Grade the temperature well and there is q to work the hair carefully.
    You pass your fingers after making the waves gives a lot of volume and it looks very nice. If you don’t want volume not to play but it will be artificial.

  45. 96


    Very good equal to the description, it leaves very nice, natural waves that hold after sleeping the next day.

  46. 96


    The item is such as the seller’s image and description. It comes protected and works perfectly, the quality for the price it has is amazing. Delighted with the article, the seller is great to contact me on the subject of the plug and I answer right away is super kind.

  47. 96


    It’s sad that I came without a box, just in a bag and wrapped in a soft piece. Everything is whole and works, heats up quickly and well. The waves are good. At 170 I held 5-6 seconds and was ready. Still have 220gr. Came quite quickly, Weeks 2-3 in Krasnodar CD.

  48. 96


    I drove 2 weeks to the Moscow region, without a box, but very well wrapped in a shockproof film (I do not know what is called right). In the morning I tried to do something for an ambulance, I’m very satisfied with the result. 1. processed hair thermal protection. 2. separated strands, did not Mill. 3. in one place, the curling iron kept no more than 5 seconds, this is enough! It heats up very quickly, do not wait half an hour, which is a plus for morning arrangements. There was no smell of palenogo, as they wrote in the comments, perhaps I was lucky. I will be happy to use, I hope for a long time 🙂

  49. 96


    The plait is good) not yet tried) I’ll go try it now))

  50. 96


    Delivery to Belarus Borisov less than a month, everything corresponds to the description of the goods, I like Super, a good tracking store is, order will not regret, quality goods. Thank you to your business and big sales.

  51. 96


    We delivered the scrap in 20 days. I ordered without a box. Perfectly packed in soft poelielen. Came safe and sound. It looks very high quality and good. The wire is not short and soft, which is very important! The power button has 3 positions. Average-off Top 220 °. Bottom 170 °. The instruction is recommended to heat at 220 first and then set 170 to minimize hair damage.
    I recommend using thermal protection.
    Now I will experiment with the hair:,-)

  52. 96


    An image is worth a thousand words. Now it’s time to try it. I absolutely recommend the seller.

  53. 96


    Fast delivery to Estonia in 2 weeks. The goods are satisfied. The only thing, the size of the wave would be smaller (ordered 22 cm). I did not communicate with the seller.

  54. 96


    Kupiona 28, and already 30 U Me with Polish warehouse! Works as you need and doing cool curls-recommended!

  55. 96


    I’m fast. It works very well in temperature 170

  56. 96


    It comes wrapped in a paper so it doesn’t get damaged even though it could come in a better box. Two temperatures 170 ° and 220 °. Very happy, it’s still to be used. It took me a week.

  57. 96


    Cool, the waves that need to go out. Packed well. On porous hair, like mine, comes out a very voluminous Pricha, like Julia Roberts. you can wear three days if you pre-apply foam

  58. 96


    Quality price well. Wave your hair like you braids

  59. 96


    Came very quickly, without a box, packed well, not damaged. Heats up quickly, on the strongest mode already steam from the hair, if the hair is not sorry then you can on it, so faster)) I wanted a light wave, without, on all hair in time it took 7 minutes, as I’m used to always doing gafre fine, Well, here the same thing is only large, the result pleased me. Easy breakage on the head is very convenient))

  60. 96


    I just received it, it looks exactly like the description, I haven’t tried it yet.

  61. 96


    Well for the price it doesn’t look bad! I arrive in about a week doesn’t bring a box but it comes well wrapped at the moment I haven’t tried it but it works great, though I have good expectations!!

  62. 96


    It’s very nice, it was well protected and I get there very fast, I calculate it like 3 weeks here to Mexico, just something I don’t take into account, the plug is EU and now it’s my turn to get an adapter so I can use it, If I get it and it was easy for me I’m gonna put it later here in the review in extra comments, if not in the same way I’ll put everything

  63. 96


    At the moment it comes well packed and looks good quality, it is missing to prove it. It took 15 days or so

  64. 96


    Excellent curling iron) heavy, aesthetic, qualities. Came by courier home in a few days from the time of order. SPB. I feel like a surfer with this styling)) Thanks!

  65. 96


    The order went to Novokuznetsk for 19 days. The plait is super. Seller recommend.

  66. 96


    fast delivery and well packaged! remains to be tested

  67. 96


    Came with no box and it would be better if packaging was safer but it came with no defect. I did my hair with lower temperature and it came really amazing! It only took 5-7 min for all hair. First picture half done, second fully finished. Great alternative for days in hurry, when there is no time to use straightener. Really fast shipping

  68. 96


    First, we need to get ready for use. The area of heating elements is quite large. The curling iron is heated quickly. Cool by the way, too. On thin hair is enough 175 °, and necessarily with a protective spray, as those hair that was not covered with protection-burned when twisted. Fast option.

  69. 96


    Fast delivered, great product, very happy

  70. 96


    great product. thank you.

  71. 96


    Plait good, delivery 2 weeks, heats up quickly

  72. 96


    pretty I recommend it to see if it works well

  73. 96


    products not yet used but it conforms to the ad and looks great and easy to use

  74. 96


    Very good product, it heats up super fast, arrived in good condition and leaves very good result. I recommend it.

  75. 96


    The parcel arrived in a week, everything is intact!

  76. 96


    I really liked doing the work worth the. The price is really nice doing like Beyonce

  77. 96


    Teflon coating, quickly heats up, I will try

  78. 96


    Delivery to Buryatia is just over a month. I got something about a thousand, I do not remember, when leaving feedback, the price is not reflected. Came without smell and any damage. With the seller did not have to communicate-there was no need. The plait is whole, all teeth are in place, the wire is not damaged. Works without any complaints, quickly heats up and also quickly cools. Easy. In general, the purchase is happy. On my thick dark hair, something turns out to be like at night braids. Standard fork. Neatly difficult with instructions in films and packages, without a box-but everything is whole.

  79. 96


    well packaged arrived quickly, it works well, I recommend.

  80. 96


    Very well packaged. heats up quickly and well. on the other hand the plastic handle quickly takes the heat. do not use on 2 heads afterwards it is better to let it cool. hair that hold super well in the long run. happy with the result for the price. 2 temperatures (170 and 220)

  81. 96


    I have not tried it yet but at first sight it is good. it was very well packaged to cushion shocks.

  82. 96


    It heats well even though it’s already screwed up the red light on the first use but it works fine

  83. 96


    llegó bien embalado. todavía no lo he probado.viene tal cual,sin caja. determinaré valoración final cuando lo pruebe

  84. 96


    Very beautiful the machine and very good quality, perfect meet the target, 100% recommended.

  85. 96


    Un poco grande pero entra bien en un cajón. Calienta mucho y viene sin caja ni guante ni nada pero por el precio está muy bien. Me aguantan las ondas días y el efecto es muy surfero. Lo recomiendo . Envío muy rápido, menos de 2 semanas a España.

  86. 96


    It came very fast. At the moment everything ok. Heat up fast

  87. 96


    Super tongs! I’m working. Shipping fast. Packed well. Seller recommend! In the photo of the wave on an ambulance. Just wonderful!

  88. 96


    Took her order, the plait came to Mordovia in 11 days. Heats up very quickly, packed very well, thanks to the seller for the fast and high-quality shipment, I advise!

  89. 96


    perfectas, envío super rápido, yo tengo el pelo muy muy liso y marcan bien la onda..

  90. 96


    Brand new, they work very well, they left me the mane with super-fast soft, cool waves. You have to be careful not to touch with your hands, or not to approach your face or your head, because they burn. I recommend them.

  91. 96


    Thank you came quickly. works. here’s the result. We’re very happy.

  92. 96


    It’s a good product but it’s better not to abuse it because it spoils the hair. The very good result

  93. 96


    Received for 2 weeks Primorsky territory, there is no logo on the plow

  94. 96


    According to experience it heats too much and motto the hair

  95. 96


    Ordered delivery in Perm 23.06.21, the goods came 06.07.21.
    Accurate Product Description, free shipping, fast delivery and seller’s work. The goods are well packed, there is no damage, everything works. For such a cost-the goods are magnificent. Recommend!

  96. 96


    Works perfectly came quickly, brought by a courier. i like

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Professional Triple Barrel Iron Ceramic Hair Curling 1

Professional Triple Barrel Iron Ceramic Hair Curling

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