Seago Electric Toothbrush SG-507 with 10 extra heads

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SEAGO SG-507 Electric USB Sonic Toothbrush Dentist Rechargeable Cleaner with Smart Timer Five Optional Brushing Modes Waterproof Fully Washable Replacement Heads plus 10 extra heads.

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SEAGO SG-507 Electric USB Sonic Toothbrush Dentist Rechargeable Cleaner with Smart Timer with Five Optional Brushing Modes Waterproof and Fully Washable Replacement Heads plus 10 extra heads.


  • Timer : A 2 minute timer and 30 second quad pacer are built into the brush.
  • 5 cleaning modes : Multiple cleaning modes to achieve different cleaning results and offer different brushing experiences.
  • Battery life : 10 weeks of use from a fully charged battery.
  • Extra Items : 10 extra heads, handle, case, usb charger, dust cover.

Seago Electric Toothbrush SG-507

Seago Electric Toothbrush SG-507

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82 Reviews For This Product

  1. 82


    Delivery 3 days, and free of charge to the apartment by courier. Brushes are good, but different charging, all as buried. In the complete set of a brush, 2 nozzles in a box, a box to take with you, a wire charging and 5 additional nozzles, clean on several modes, all different.

  2. 82


    All is well only has not yet tried, the parcel came quickly!

  3. 82


    Got it, thank you. I have not tried it yet, but I hope for a good one. To seller for commodity packing and speed 55555. Happy New Year to you!

  4. 82


    Externally, everything corresponds to the description. Everything works. How to clean, I do not know yet. Took to replace the same brush from MI. Super fast delivery in 1 week.

  5. 82


    Cool brushes! Superski brush teeth, do not even notice how 2 minutes of cases are very stylish look. Delivered by courier to the house in just 6 days. Very satisfied with the purchase, I recommend

  6. 82


    The product is fully consistent with the description. The order reached Izhevsk in about 2 weeks. One box was slightly dented, but the brush itself was intact. The brush came loaded, I have been using it for more than a week, and I have not charged it yet and there are no complaints. My first electric brush, so there is nothing to compare it with, but at the moment it is my favorite, I ordered the same for my parents – delivered in a week by courier

  7. 82


    It took longer than I expected to arrive but it was worth it. Very good product, which if it would improve the packaging to avoid damage to the box but the contents came well

  8. 82


    Delivery Three DAYS, ordered with the Czech Republic, imported by ppl. They are amazing, I highly recommend, in a word, great. Very good product

  9. 82


    Delivery to St. Petersburg for 3 days by courier. I haven’t tried it yet. Thank you to the seller, asked 2 black, and I did.

  10. 82


    the tooth brush is excellent, matches the description.
    Same functions like some other hi-end models from Oralb

  11. 82


    I think toothbrush will sprawować well. Look super.

  12. 82


    Brushes liked. Arrived with courier for 4 days in Mo. Everything is whole, charged. I took a set for myself and for a guy. I liked it very much. 5 Operating modes, easy control. The first feelings are not usual, but with the attack copes with Hurray 🙂 I recommend! More detailed feedback can be read in my profile 🙂

  13. 82


    Thank you very much to the seller for super fast delivery!!!!! The order made 20.02 and 26.02 courier brought it to me home, the seller is handsome! Good luck with his trade!!!! The toothbrush looks great, I already took the brush of this company, I really like everything. In the kit to it there are 2 packs of spare brushes, a branded cover, as well as 3 brushes were in the package + USB wire, there is no charging adapter included. The brush arrived charged, everything was neatly packed.

  14. 82


    Toothbrush sprawdzają very well, shipment delivered in 2 days. Recommend!

  15. 82


    The product came in a complete set, the brushes were charged, immediately tried in the case, really liked. The first impression is that they clean much better than ordinary brushes, but we use these for the first time, so there is nothing to compare. Charge completely did not try, just checked it charges or not, the indicator says so I think it will be OK. Both brushes are charged through the USB cable that goes in the kit, at the bottom there is a plug (but as far as I know it only on black and white brushes) if I I I

  16. 82


    Excellent brushes, it is convenient to lie in the hand, pleasant to the touch, small heads allow you to clean hard-to-reach places. Delivery 15 DNN, processing for a long time showed in the warehouse DHL. the seller sent immediately

  17. 82


    Very good quality!

  18. 82


    Shipping fast. Packed well. Toothbrush + 13 replaceable nozzles. Enough for a long time as you need to change them every 3 months. I brushed my teeth in the evening and in the morning, I can say that it works well, I liked it! Thank you very much!!!

  19. 82


    Shipping from Spain super fast as you can imagine.
    The brush looks of quality, came fully sealed and airtight, with all accessories also sealed inside your box giving a clean and safe image. I ‘ve tried it only once and the truth that makes a normal vibration noise, it has 6 s mode of cleaning that vary the intensity of the vibration and the way it does.
    I would suddenly recommend the toothbrush and especially the seller.✌

  20. 82



  21. 82


    I brought the courier to the door in 2 days Mo. Packing without damage, sealed in a non-transparent bag and pupyrku. The declared description coincides with the reality. Brushes are charged. All modes are workable. Charging socket is protected by lid with O-ring. I’ll brush my teeth-I’ll add a review)

  22. 82


    a good toothbrush, the experience of using about two weeks – I cleaned the edges of the teeth from plaque, even apparently brightened, several small anterior tartars left from brushing. the blue model has a splash guard for the charging port. I could never brush like this with an ordinary toothbrush. I don’t understand how they manage to clean all their teeth in 2 minutes – it takes me so much time for one quarter. accordingly, the initial charge of 8 minutes of work twice a day was enough for 10 days of work. after charging, the brush vibrates significantly more. I liked the product. fast delivery – iml 5 days before the apartment.

  23. 82


    That’s the price. Class! Multiple operating mode. In the kit there are many replaceable attachments. Also a case. Boxes are crumpled-but in general everything works. The charge did not check us with the spouse liked everything

  24. 82


    fast delivery out of european stock. works as expected. I can recommend the product.

  25. 82


    Got your brush. The choice was satisfied, laconic, modern design. Very easy to use, remembers the selected mode when you turn on do not need to look for yours. There are all the necessary modes, they work perfectly. The power is good for cleaning, the teeth are palpably cleaner than when using normal. Waterproof. I have been using no complaints for several days

  26. 82


    fast delivery 23 days. the items looks like the description remains to be tried. Thank you seller

  27. 82


    Brush fire! Tactile pleasant in the hand, several modes, in a box with a brush three nozzles plus five more in a separate box. Everything is neatly packed, 8.03 ordered and 13.03 brush already had me.

  28. 82


    The brushes are extra. They work very well. We’ll see them brushing their teeth after a while. All modes work. Everything as described. Fast shipping and fast delivery. Boxes in a package very crumpled, crushed as if someone was sitting on the package. The seller must better protect the parcels from damage. I recommend the salesman. Great seller.

  29. 82


    Ordered 27.02.21, the courier delivered to the entrance 16.03.21 (when paying for delivery 4 EUR ). Everything is well packed, all ordered equipment. I ordered one for myself, the second as a gift. Light, pleasant to the touch. All five modes work. This is my first electric toothbrush. Works well.

  30. 82


    Fast delivery by courier to home. The quality looks good. I recommend buying.

  31. 82


    Perfect looks waterproof to see.

  32. 82


    I liked it very much! Delivery by courier to the hands. I tried after the electric brush manual-the feeling that the teeth do not brush at all. Also replaceable nozzles in the kit. Bought the whole family.

  33. 82


    Approximately a week to St. Petersburg, tracked, delivered the courier IML (normally agreed time).
    The first several times literally groaned with pleasure, when I was cutting the upper gums, I had to move to the second from the first mode.
    For a month I use twice a day with the first charge. I begin to suspect that the bulb that signals the discharge does not work, but it works, it’s still as powerful.
    About cleaning-I’m difficult to evaluate. Gums are pleasantly impressed, food particles from the surface removes also well. Between the teeth need additional care, but slightly better does and there.
    Cover on magnets, until I used.
    Rinsed under the current water-alive.
    Vibrations for a hint of transition to the other part of the jaw are sufficiently concise-do not irritate, give only a little time pain than is valid for change. But if you’re sleepy or drunk, that’s it.
    Perhaps-I recommend to buy.

  34. 82


    Great brush! I order the second one, the first husband recently took away) the delivery is very fast, 2 days in Moscow! Since there is an experience of use-I can say for sure that the battery lasts for a long time (since November it was only charged once) the only difference from that, what I ordered in November-a connector for charging-the blue Mikro USB and closed with a lid, this round and open, but (it seems to me), this difference can be Especially since I’m not going to dive with her)

  35. 82


    Very good toothbrush! I order the second set already, the whole family is happy! The product corresponds to the full description and photo, I recommend!!!

  36. 82


    Seller umnichka. All wishes fulfilled. I asked to complete a black brush not with white, but with blue and send execution options with micro USB ports. Thank you very much, I did everything, the order was delivered by the Courier on the third day. The black and blue brush have a little different box decoration and packing. The blue brush “export” version of the performance-all accessories are additionally sealed in white bags with a logo. In the kit there is a data micro USB cable of good quality, it is designed for current up to 2A, with a full split core, it is useful not only for charging brushes the brush brush All functions work. The first recharge took 1.5 hours. Batteries came not discharged, with 50% factory charging.

  37. 82


    Fast delivery – 4 days. The brushes are a little harder. Satisfaction.

  38. 82


    The product fully corresponds to the description and photo. Works. Delivery to Kazan 5 days.

  39. 82


    Bien embalado y el cepillo precintado. Lo quiero para regalar, a ver

  40. 82


    The brush was brought in 4 days, super fast! Everything is perfectly packed. How works, I’ll report later

  41. 82


    Product same as AD, beautiful D +, recommend buying the product and the store, arrived super fast, with 14 calendar days, very fast

  42. 82


    The product corresponds to the description of the working packed well

  43. 82


    Delivery 2 weeks before Voronezh. Packing norms, slightly crumpled, but for our mail it’s normal. Brushes are good, but of the two, one stopped working. Nothing helps-on the dump.

  44. 82


    The delivery was very fast ordered 17.04, and the 22.04 Courier already handed personally to the hands. In appearance, a budget option, for the first experience I think it will work. After the sample I will add a review 🙂

  45. 82


    The order was 29.03, the courier brought home 03.04. I live in M.O. The brush was packed in a cardboard box, the parcel was without damage. The brush itself liked, four modes, while I use for sensitive teeth, everything suits. Seller recommend. Bought for 1400 rubles.

  46. 82


    arrived in a good condition, the product matches the description, thank you seller, i’m going to try them and leave extra feedback

  47. 82


    The product was מדוייק recommend seller arrived fast recommend seller

  48. 82


    Ordered on 4.05, shipped from PL, delivered on 7.05 by DHL courier. The brush looks very nice, it has 5 different modes. The brush head itself is very small, but I will see how it works in practice, I think it’s a matter of habit. Generally for little money it’s okay.

  49. 82


    Delivery from Poland in 3 days. In view of good quality, I will use add a review.

  50. 82


    It was packed very weak, in one layer of pupyrka. And given how much the order was traveling because of the jamb of the sorting in Moscow, it’s even amazing how nothing has broken down.
    Delivery could be quick if the brush did not leave instead of Novosibirsk in Nefteyugansk. Our mail “chic” works.
    The brush is pleasant to touch, the SoftTouch coating is felt. Modes all work. As in the case, not yet tested.
    In the kit I chose two sets of additional attachments.
    Thank you!

  51. 82


    Strong I recommend the same button that is occupied is the one that moves between the remaining positions weighing very light 7 grams

  52. 82


    reached to pakistan in almost 2 months due to covid
    put it on charge for 4 hours as recomended
    havnt used it
    but feeling excited for it
    will give feed back again if there is some problem or fault

  53. 82


    Ordered 11.04, took 27.05. The parcel was not tracked, lost and lay about 3 weeks in the mail. The seller did not answer until the last. Last day left in the mail, took it. To the touch, a pleasant brush. cleans also like a good one. I liked the settings.

  54. 82


    Fast delivery, euromail! Thank you cordially! Full compliance! Due to the fact that this is our first electric brush, there is no possibility to compare. Everything works fine!

  55. 82


    Eccellente, sono piaciuto molto eppure è stato spedito veloce a modo assicurato, da Cina a Italia circa 15 giorni. Stasera lo proverò, grazie al venditore.

  56. 82


    Super fast shipping and perfectly packaged, comes each thing separately in boxes. I’ll write back later.

  57. 82


    Ordered 26.05, received 07.06.
    Works, buzzes

  58. 82


    10 June ordered and 17 June already have at home!!
    Description is in English, and everything looks good

  59. 82


    Arrived in 19 days to local post office. After 1 week of usage I am happy with that.

  60. 82


    Delivery in 2 days, according to the description. Works.

  61. 82


    Products such as the description is loaded have several washing programs I recommend

  62. 82


    .13 jours pour arriver…Top.
    seago…best toothbrush. Arrivée complètement chargée

  63. 82


    Came pts quickly, I order again, the previous brush of the same seller broke after a few months .. Perhaps the factory marriage got caught (the second one works properly, was taken simultaneously with that broken). The box is a little crumpled, but inside everything is whole. I hope that there will be no more marriage and will last a long time.

  64. 82


    I just got it. But it’s very well presented. I hope it works well.

  65. 82


    Delivery 2 weeks, the boxes were crumpled, but everything is intact. 5 modes of pulsation (vibration) look at the result

  66. 82


    These are my second brush purchase. Very good quality and battery life.

  67. 82


    The brush is great , and shipping is fast.

  68. 82


    muy buen producto bien embalado cumple con lo que ofrece es firme y es el segundo que pido es recomendable

  69. 82


    exactly as expected and the package arrived way earlier than I had expected, so far I used it two times and even though I never used a electronic toothbrush before it was very comfortable to use and it does actually whiten the teeth a bit more than a normal toothbrush.

  70. 82


    I’m buying a 4th brush already. I’m delighted with them. Excellent cleaning, especially in difficult places, work for a long time, almost three months without recharging. The first two bought myself and his wife 2 years ago. The rest as children grow up. The last white Junior for 7 years. The bristle of medium stiffness is therefore normal for them. In the set there are 2 replaceable nozzles and 10 additional. We have not bought brushes for 2 years already.

  71. 82


    The price difference is natural for those who sell it. I received an excellent packaging within 14 days through a conveyor and its quality is worn and the head of its brush is delicate and small, as they

  72. 82


    First of all, it came very quick, just in few days, I didn’t get any other things so fast as from this seller, so thanks for that. Toothbrush looks like in a description, I tried it already and it works very good, so I like it very much.

  73. 82


    Exactly as the description, this is the second time buy, now all home has its =) brush is tough, the battery lasts and delivery was very fast, super recommend.

  74. 82


    The excuses on descriptiono, are very kind. Брза delivery-for 7 days from polsha, happy with the Congress.

  75. 82


    Well packed, no damage with the box and delivery extremely fast. Quite satisfied with the product.

    Tested by the fortueni or the 4 20 as you say.

  76. 82


    Delivery week. The courier brought it. The packaging is good. The boxes are not crumpled. The brushes are covered with foil. Add. nozzles are just in boxes. They came loaded. They look great. Photos and descriptions of the seller correspond. This is my first such brush, while I get used to it and figure out what is better for me. Cleaning mode, top button, too strong for me.

  77. 82


    El envío llegó en sólo 10 días a Chile! viene muy bien protegido, es muy completo y el cepillo es muy lindo y elegante. Viene con carga, así que pude ver los 5 modos que trae, lo probaré y después agregaré comentarios del uso, hasta el momento estoy muy contenta con la compra, recomiendo al vendedor!

  78. 82


    This is my second order of this brush.. arrived in around 2 weeks.. happy enough:)

  79. 82


    Sweet, sweet.

  80. 82


    They came very quickly, they work cool.
    Advised friend bought from the same producer

  81. 82


    Many thanks for the brushes! Come to the address! The fact is that when I issued a purchase, but did not notice that I have an address on which I do not live: a completely different Republic .. In general, far away, you will not come and will not take one two. The address could not be changed by itself. Wrote to the seller about this situation. The seller responded promptly, himself changed the data in the delivery! Brushes work, beauty! Thank you! Prosperity to you and great sales! Good work, guys!

  82. 82


    my kid is very happy

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Seago Electric Toothbrush SG-507 34

Seago Electric Toothbrush SG-507 with 10 extra heads

$63.79$76.20 (-16%)

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